– The First Exhibition of Green Lantern Gallery

From now on, the Green Lantern Museum is modified to be a gallery that has a new art exhibition every month.  All the contents of Sex history in Thailand and Brothel business are moved to Kamavijitra, the erotic art museum.


“Wild Things”, a solo photography exhibition by Sophirat Muangkum.
Exhibit: Friday 13 DEC 2019 – 15 FEB 2020                                                                          Location: Green Lantern Gallery                                                                                        ACTIVITY                                                                                                                           13 DEC 2019        OPEN RECEPTION at 7 PM. 

1  FEB 2020        PHOTOBOOK DATE at 2 PM. 

15 FEB 2020        CLOSING PARTY & GALLERIES NIGHT 2020 EVENT at 5PM.                        We will welcome you on February 15th from 17:00 PM to 23:30 PM. This is event is proudly part of Galleries Night 2020 organized by the French Embassy of Thailand.

Live Performance by Unnamedminor : 20:00 PM

Artist Sophirat Muangkum (Lady in the center)
Ann Watinee(LEFT)









Artist Statement

“ Do what you love as you are alone in your place. Loving yourself as no one can see or even judge.”

I asked permission to bring their hidden side , to show themselves from the inside out.

Some of these photoset I worked with Ann Watinee. I interviewed her and found out that she is an ordinary woman but charming and her story is quite interesting.
Her story makes me feel that people do many things that are not themself and expect to beloved. Unfortunately, sometimes they are lost.

It’s not selfish to love yourself first. If someone else comes into your life.


The solo photography exhibition by Sophirat Muangkum. She is interested in humans thoughts and is often inspired by stories of people, natural, animal, subculture and taboo in Thailand culture. This exhibition she answers her question of Wild Things and explore humans nature thru her camera and film.

การสำรวจสันดานดิบและการปลดปล่อยความปรารถนาซ่อนเร้นของมนุษย์ ณ ช่วงเวลาที่สามารถเป็นตัวของตัวเองได้อย่างไม่ถูกตัดสินและจำกัดความในสิ่งที่เป็น จากกรอบของสังคมและวัฒนธรรม

Artist :

Sophirat Muangkum (1983) Thai artist lives and works based in Bangkok.

Sophirat is interested in humans thought. She is often inspired by stories of people,natural,animal, subculture and situation of thai society. She answers her questions thru her works about what she interested in that time. In year 2019, she starts join ‘artist-in-residence’ program because she would like to has an opportunity to research and collaborate with local people about what do they think about their own body.

Her works have been exhibited, among the others, at Bangkok Art & Cultural Center (BACC), Photo Fair Thailand at BITEC (Bangkok), Midnice Gallery (Bangkok), Radisson Blu (Bangkok), Objectifs-Centre for Photography and Film (Singapore), Rebel Art Space (Bangkok). Her solo exhibition has been exhibited at most gallery, also a part of ‘Galleries night Bangkok’.

Muangkum also works for commercial projects and publications. Her images have been featured in VOGUE Italia, ThaiPBS, Play Magazine Thailand, Zoomaa (Norway), KALTBLUT Magazine (Germany) and Blast Magazine Thailand.

Sophirat also has photobooks and ‘THIS IS MY BODY’ ,her latest one is launched on June 2019 at her solo exhibition in chiangmai ,Thailand




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