The Penis Festival, also known as the Kanamara Matsuri, takes place annually on the first Sunday of April at Kanayama Shrine. Kanayama Shrine is a smaller place of worship locatedRead More


PHALLIC AMULETS IN THAILAND from protection and good business to an exuberant folk art Thai Palad khik (Phallic Amulet).  According to a Siam Society lecture on 26 April 2011, ProfessorRead More

Palat Khik

PALAT KHIK IN THAILAND Palat Khik (Phallic Amulets) are originated in India and related to the Hindu god Shiva, who is usually represented by Shiva linga (Lingam). They were broughtRead More

Erotic Art in Thai Temple

The Erotic Art in Mural Painting at Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng (Loei, Thailand) Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng is built around 16-17 century.  In the late of Ayutthaya period.Read More

Mural Painting

 Mural Painting in Thai Temples Temple murals were originally a way of bringing the teachings of the Buddha to illiterate lay folk. Traditionally, the west (associated with death) wall of aRead More

Monkey and Mermaid

HANUMAN and Mermaid SUVANNAMACCHA Hanuman (หนุมาน) learns that Sita (นางสีดา) is being held captive on the island of Sri Lanka. He informs Rama (พระราม), her husband, who orders him toRead More