•  Mural Painting in Thai Temples Temple murals were originally a way of bringing the teachings of the Buddha to illiterate lay folk. Traditionally, the west (associated with death) wall of a viharn will feature scenes of beings in other realms as described in the Thai Buddhist text Traiphum Phra Ruang (Three Worlds Cosmology), the east wall will feature a mural of the Buddha
  • HANUMAN and Mermaid SUVANNAMACCHA Hanuman (หนุมาน) learns that Sita (นางสีดา) is being held captive on the island of Sri Lanka. He informs Rama (พระราม), her husband, who orders him to build a causeway to Sri Lanka from India so Rama’s army can attack. Hanuman collects his band of Vanaras and they begin throwing huge boulders into the sea to make